Last Rape – “Campaign of Madness” CD

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“Campaign of Madness” CD, limited to 100 copies in super Jewel Case. DIY cover and inlay. Pro-CD

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Poison – Vol.IV

“Poison – Vol.IV” cover

The fourth volume of the “Poison” series is in production stages. Been gathering contributions for this volume since 2018 and will be available in 2021. It grown a lot in lenght and number of artists comparing to the previous volumes, making this volume a massive 2 CD edition with no less than 31 contributions from a vast spectrum of the Noise Industrial scene from all around the world.

More info soon!

oooOooo – “Onomatopeia Monolítica” e “Advento Refractário” Double Tape

oooOooo normal

oooOooo, é expressão sonora de cariz surrealista e orgânico, assente numa base poética que vai sendo citada ao longo de camadas sonoras, numa operação de solve et coagula sónico.

Crescendo de uma base sonora de Sanfona e outros instrumentos criados pelo próprio, oooOooo recorre ao Drone e ao Noise, pontuado por nuances Folk Ritualistas e acompanhadas por evocações poéticas, para criar uma massa sonora que nos remete para a grandiosa e austera montanha nortenha. Dois trabalhos envolventes no seu todo e a simbiose perfeita entre a evocação de tempos idos imbuídos de tradição e a exploração sonora do experimentalismo mais contemporâneo.

oooOooo estreia-se em formato físico pelas mãos da New Approach Records numa edição em dupla cassete. Este duplo lançamento congrega os trabalhos “Onomatopeia Monolítica” e “Advento Refractário” numa edição limitada a um total de 50 exemplares, 5 dos quais sendo uma edição especial em caixa de madeira gravada à mão, incluindo para além das cassetes, um livrete feito à mão.

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oooOooo, is a surrealistic and organic sonic expression, based on layers of sound with recited poetry in sonic solve et coagula operation.

Growing from a Hurdy Gurdy base and other hand-made instruments, oooOooo uses Drone and Noise, with Ritualistic Folk touches and poetic evocations, to create a sonic mass that lead us to the grandiose and austere northern mountains. Two compelling works in perfect symbiosis between the evocation of long gone times full of tradition and the more contemporaneous experimental sonic exploration.

OooOooo debuts in physical format by the hands of New Approach Records in a double cassete edition, compiling “Onomatopeia Monolítica” and “ Advento Refractário” in a limited edition of 50 copies, 45 regular and 5 special including the two cassetes in a wooden box engraved by hand and a hand-made inlay.

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Back in 2015, by the same time TAETER´s debut release on vinyl came out (“THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” 7” on Narcolepsia), André Coelho (SEKTOR 304/METADEVICE) created some material based on the reinterpretation of various source materials used on the recording sessions for that same 7”. The idea was to do a special tape edition, but it never materialized. Recently, André exhumed his archives and suggested the reactivation of this forgotten plan. Nicola contributed with alternative versions of the two tracks that came in that original release, and the collaboration took shape in its updated incarnation.

While listening to this material now, it is safe to say it has passed the test of time, retaining its atmosphere of uneasiness, its pulsating decrepitude, the personal recounts of over-sexualized failure whispered to our ears by a sweaty entity. André shreds Nicola´s seed unto a more arid and diluted fluid, infusing it with a twisted sci-fi vibe, a vile mechanical eroticism that deforms and suffocates its host. Minimal and obsessive, “slow and steady”, degraded past recognition as the blurry memories of an old late night amateur webcam session.

Making sense on its own, as a consistent “new” record, or as a companion object for TAETER completists – there must be some out there, right? – “THE HERMENEUTICS OF THE HUNT HAS GONE FULL CIRCLE” should hopefully help to expose more listeners to this excellent project, and particularly to that defining moment in its discography, still one of the absolute best Power Electronics 7” in recent years.

Limited edition of 200 CD in cooperation with Narcolepsia and both projects.

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Manuel Pereira – “Semiotics of Biblical Abomination”

Our first publication will be available soon… for more info go to:


First art publication on New Approach Books.
Manuel Pereira is a well known name for all lovers of brute collage art and in this new publication he, once again, provides us with a very well crafted selection of pieces, in his personal collage style, filled with dirty sexual tendencies, social chaos and anatomical studies mixed up in perfect disarmony with the mundane sense of beauty as only a master can achieve.

44 pages of pure rotten joy.

“An aborted cosmogony, plotless and without heroes, with no chance of neither order or redemption. Pictures in a static becoming. A cartographer who creates its own atlas, dysfunctional geography, fragmented into tumultuous continents. Time without narrative. Orifice-vortex.

Clotted islands adrift in the white surface, fruit the union between obsessions: a recollecting and a reorganizing one. Interpenetration of contents, formal dissolution and xerox levelling. Cut, scatological horizontality, paste. Form suspension. De-materialization of meaning towards the labyrinth of members, symbols and ornaments. Delirious geological body in an unobtainable little death.

The myth is inverted (order:chaos), forged and unrealized. Monstrous omega. Apocalypse cancelled.”

André Coelho