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Sektor 304 – “Communiphones” CD

sektor communiphones

“Communiphones” was recorded only by Gustavo Costa and André Coelho and consists of a long track built on synthesizers and field recordings, aiming for a monolithic and dronish paranoid ambience. Limited to 500 copies.


Sektor 304 – “Live Reaction” CD

capa sektor live

This is a compilation of live recordings in several locations from 2010 and 2012. Vocal recordings on tracks 1 & 5 supplied by Martin Bladh for the Radio Sonores Project 2012. Limited to 500.


Teatro Grotesco “Kroni’s Empire” CDr

Teatro Grotesco capa

Ambient/ Noise/Industrial. Prsented in a hand painted Cdr in Digifile limited to 50 copies.


Ambience – “Santuário” 2CDr



Second album from Ambience! Comes is a Digifile Double CDr, with printed discs, limited  to 50.


Ambiansu – “Tagebuch” CD


First work for Ambiansu, a Portuguese duo performing ambient music with some Folk touches.

This CD is limited to 500 copies and is presented on a Card Wallet.

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