“Poison” Compilation coming soon…


A new release is in the works for some time now and it’s time to make it known to all interested parties.

“Poison” is a compilation of tracks done/created/composed around the subject of poison, be it real poison or an idea of something poisonous. Each invited artist choose their specific poison and make their sounds around it.

Originally planned to be an annual compilation, I’ve decided to make it in several volumes and have no time frame for the release. I’ll be making new volumes whenever I have enough contributions from invited artists. On this first volume, I’m including the first submitted tracks. Other artists are already confirmed and will be present in other volumes.

Artists participating on Vol I:

Concrete Mascara

Contagious Orgasm


Salakapakka Sound System



Artwork is pretty much done by now and all is ready to be sent to press.

Tape will be limited to 50 copies.

More info soon.

Dead Body Collection out now!


This set gathers eight long sold out 3”CD-R releases put out by labels such as AnarchoFreaksProduction, Quagga Curious Sounds or L. White Records. Covering many of the sounds Dead Body Collection has been dwelling in, from crisp to arid, from the heavily distorted to the massively impenetrable, this is both a good introduction to the project and an essential release for those who have been active and closely following its output.

Professionally duplicated tapes with on body printing, housed in a double box with a professionally printed 8 page booklet including all info from original releases.

A co-release between New Approach Records and Narcolepsia, in an edition of 50 copies.

15 euros + postage.


Distro! Terminal Tower Book by André Coelho & Manuel João Neto


Terminal Tower’s creative process between artist and writer is positioned outsite the traditional comic book logic, in which there is a script to be adapted to sequential drawings. In this case, having the premiss of a man seculded in a tower in a state of alert, the book was developed simultaneously by both authors.

With the tower as a starting point, Coelho developed some drawings from which narrative ideas were taken and potentiated new illustrations which in their turn ran the all the narrative indefinitions forming a creative spiral.

The book’s central theme is a delirium triggered by paranoia, without making clear if the engage of the tower’s mechanisms is real or if it lies in the mind of the isolated man, since nothing seems to work in this ruin of the future, in which references to the derelict worlds of Enki Bilal, J.G. Ballard (1930-2009) and Industrial music – it’s not by mere chance that both authors also colaborate in Sektor 304 – can traced

Pages preview here: http://issuu.com/mmmnnnrrrg/docs/terminaltower

Buy your copy here!


Sektor 304 CD’s out now!

Sektor 304 CD’s, “Live Reaction” and “Communiphones” are out now!

The “Engage…Forwards” Box is also out now! All paid pre orders will be shipped during next week! A small number of Boxes are still available! More info about it on the “Engage… Forward” 7” release page.


I’m also setting up a webstore, some products are already added, feel free to use it! http://newapproachrecords.tictail.com

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