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Cosmos – “Bosques” 7”


Spanish Neo-Folk. Limited to 250 copies.


Sektor 304 – “Engage…Forwards” 7”


Portuguese Old School Industrial. Limited to 250 copies.

::Special edition::



This box contains the “Engage… Forwards” 7inch ep, “Live Reaction” and “Communiphones” CDs, “A Leak Of Time Through Crumbling Monuments” CDr and a fanzine containing and interview and a few other texts and graphics.


Kokori – “Release Candid Hate” 7”


Portuguese Minimal Electronic duo.

Limited to 100 copies, 20 copies with extra 5” Lathe Cut with extra track.


The Joy Of Nature – “A Ilha que perdeu o encanto” 7”



Portuguese Neo-Folk. Limited to 250 copies.

  • Special edition on traditional hand-made bag limited to 20 copies.